Rebooting done

Took a while, but I’ve done the rebooting. Switched to the excellent dark theme. I did have a wire-flame for the new design, but didn’t quite had a time to actually making it into a theme. Perhaps for the next time.

Althoughhaving said that it is excellent, I was slightly disappointed that archive.php was not included. I prefer the archive to look like the archives, rather than the index. Also the tag.php doesn’t behave like I thought it does. I can’t quite remember how I did it last time.

Idecided to go back doing a bit of bilingual blogging. I was thinking to separate into two different blogs, and it is probably better so, for SEO wise. But its just that I don’t have time and spirits to maintain two blogs right now.

Themain language is still going to be English, and trying to blog about the Japanese culture. There are going to be some Japanese posts, most often to be on WordPress. These are tagged “日本語[ja]”.

Oh yeah, I have also upgraded to WP2.2. Currently without any problem, except that the SRC Clean Archives plugin doesn’t work.

And the link for downloading the theme “Warped” now works. You can reach it from the Extra page.


  1. Hey! Check out the Widgets Ready version:
    Also compatible with Related Posts plugin.

  2. Thanks Diego, but I am not a fan of the Widgets, and prefer to hard code. So I don’t use them.

    Cheers for it anyway!