, Flickr, and Yahoo!

I have set up an account at I have looked through other social bookmarking services (SBS). Hatena::bookmark and are the other two I had on mind, but I decided to start off with Although I like the idea of tagging, I do think the good old way of “categorising” is still a useful way to keep things. So if I feel after a while,`s “maily tagging” style is not for me, I will consider, probably But then of course, there might be a cool and new SBS service out by then.

The other popular Web2.0 service I am going to fiddle is Flickr. I did make an accout long time a go, but I never used it, and I have forgotten the ID and Password for it. Checked around my mail boxes at varous places (yahoo UK, yahoo Japan, goo, etc,etc), but couldn`t find any mails related to it. So, I clicked at “Sign Up Now!” icon, then you jump to “Sign int to Yahoo!” page ! Ah… I read somwhere that Flickr has been bought by Yahoo!, but I wasn`t expecting to set up a new Yahoo account. Nothing wrong with it, nor there is a problem. Just that I had “lets setup flickr account !!” feeling, but saw “Yahoo ID” and the excitent went downwards a half.

Anyway. I tired out with Yahoo! Japan ID first, but it didn`t work. Yahoo!Japan ID never do outside Yahoo!Japan. A bit sad, really. Then I try my Yahoo!UK ID, and see “Wellcome back!” page. Right. I have never logged in to Flickr with Yahoo!UK ID, but its “Wellcome back!”. Later I have found that, you can log into UK account from US Yahoo!, and send you to UK site.

The problem for me with using UK account is that I don`t really use that mail address anymore. Its full of trash. Though I have missed a very very important mail before, simply because I did not bother to check the mail. I do want to transfer the important bits to elsewhere really, and perhaps close the uk account.

I will have a more fiddle around with Yahoo account and Flickr. I wish they enable to use Yahoo!Japan ID in other Yahoo! site.


  1. Please have a look at Simpy as well. One of the features you’ll find there is the ability to keep select bookmarks private. This is also something that one is used to having, and that just doesn’t offer.

  2. Thanks, I will have a look at Simpy as well !

  3. Since you are passionate about using the latest social bookmarking applications, I thought you might like to come on over and check out It’s a fun new site we launched and perhaps you will find it to be a delicious alternative. Would love to hear your thoughts if you do give it a spin. Oh yeah, you don’t have to start over. You can just quickly import all of your bookmarks from Mike