Installed a new theme

I was going to leave the disign of this site as WP2.0 default theme. I wanted to make my own theme, when the things settle with the bilingual plugin, and other goodies. However, I came a cross an excellent looking theme at Warpspire. Its called Hemingway.

To be honest, I preferred fixed and centerd “wrapper”, or “container”, with 2-columns design. But after finding the Hemingway, it glow in my mind, and decided to install it. I like this.

I have tweaked few things like, navigation bar, previous/next links, archives page, dates format, and header color. Still in process, but I think it is ok for now. I will keep tweking around though. Hemingway is actually stil in its version 0.1, and looks like these things are goin to be fixed in the future release, mixed in with some new cool features.


  1. Nice job tweaking Hemingway. I also want to at least add the prev and next links for posts. I’m also trying to blog in two languages — English and Chinese — but I’m just doing both in each post. I don’t write as many words (my blog is about my photography), so I think it works ok.

  2. Thanks Kevin. Yeah, I think the prev and next links for posts are must. Though I am still a bit unsure on where is the best place to show. Nice to see there are bilingual blog in Asian languages. I did thought about doing like the way you are, but I want to include the lang=”” attribute where possible, and for that, its going to be a bit of pain to add tag every time I write Japanese. I am currently looking into using bi-/multi-lingual plugin. Still, I might do that in some posts, if its short.
    I like the photos ! Thats something I have to get on with next. Sort out plugins and theme layouts, for using photos and images in my post.

  3. You got gravatars working…which plugin are you using? I tried gravatars.php, but I couldn’t figure out where to put it in the comments code to get it to format correctly.

  4. It seems working fine, which is good ! I need to think better place to put it really. I think there are no ovboious place for it in Hemingway. I use the official plugin. Basically, you need to write the gravatar tag as a source for “img” tag.Place it at within the comments.php file. Should be in the “li” tag for the comments.
    Its in more detail at the Codex.

  5. Thanks! I got it working now. The official plugin worked better for me. I put it next to the commenter name and date.

  6. Cool ! Looks much better there, than where I put it. I nees to reduce the size too.