本名とかでも色々とやってみましたが、漢字、ひらがな、姓と名の間のスペース有無、などによって色々と結果が変わります。もしかしたら、要は画数占いの応用なのかな? もしそうだとしたら、うまく考えられてますよね。新しくないのに、結果の見せ方を変えると、すごく新鮮。あくまで推測ですが。



I have Vox-ed

Vox, Six Apart‘s new blog/SNS was officially released today. Well, at least in Japan. I assume its worldwide, or even we are late. I just started fiddling. Its all so Ajaxy! Its not fast, but not that slow. I was impressed with the sign-up form. That was neat and clear, with pop-up help.

I haven’t quite decided with what to do with Vox…yet though.


[note in Japanese : 日本語でのアナウンス]



YouTube Deletes 29,549 Videos after Japanese Complaints

This news was aired on the main-stream Japanese media as well.

In what must be one of the biggest mass removals of YouTube content, the video sharing site just pulled down 29,549 clips after a demand from a group of Japanese media companies. The group claimed that TV, music and movies had been uploaded without permission from the copyright holders. But as they usually do, YouTube reacted quickly to avoid a potential lawsuit.

It will be interesting to see if more Japanese media reacts to this, and complains.

PhotoZou – a new photo sharing SNS from Japan

I have been using PhotoZou for a while now. PhotoZou is a photo sharing web service by Unoh, a Tokyo-based web venture. Recently, they released the English version (now open beta) of this service.

PhotoZou - top page

At the bottom level, it is a photo sharing web service, like Flickr et al. You can upload the photos and share. You can tag your photos, and you can use it in your blog posts. You can specify the Creative Commons level, and there is a built-in Google Maps mush up, where you can map where you took the photos. However, its direction is slightly different. Where most photo sharing services are directed towards “sharing your photos with everyone on the Internet”, PhotoZou has taken more of SNS approach of “sharing your photos with your selected people on the Internet”.

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