OK, its a summer reboot of this site. Actually, its not just the design reboot, but the “content reboot” as well.

I posted last time in Japanese that I am going to quit posting entries bilingual – English and Japanese – here on Waviaei. There are several reasons for that, but lets just say that bilingual bloggin is not an easy thing to do. Perhaps I will write more about that in near future. Things I discovered, expereinced, and felt, in my attempt of bilingual blogging, may be useful for some perhaps.

I decided to go back to my original intensions of why I wanted to blog. I wanted to write about Japan: the news, trends, thoughts, things thats goining on, and life, and so on. There are quite few “Japan blogs” by non-Japanese here in Japan, but very rare to see an English blog by the Japanese. Perhaps there are something I can write. The thoughts through my over a decade experiences each in two cultures, Japan and England. So I will attempt from now on, to shift the majority of topics to be on Japan related stuff. Be it cultural, sports, techs, gadgets, web, news, trends, or anything. I will continure to write WordPress and web design related stuff every now and then, to keep up with my interests in these two. They are now put into two categories. Perhaps I will look into separating out these as another blog? May be.

As for the design reboot, the color scheme is much the same as the last. Aimed for 2-colum, left sidebar, fluid design to fucus more on the content. There needs to be no more language infomations to be displayed, so it feel much more simple in the “meta” sections. I tried to make the sidebar as short as possible too. Another big reason for all of this, was to cut all those fat down to make it slim. All those “make the website looks cool but increases lots file sizes” stuff are almost all gone. Gravatar is the only thing that possibly slows things down a lot, but I will look into a cache enable one later.

It has been desined for the modern browsers (Firefox and co.), but will work fine in IE as well. The notable differences are: max and min width don’t work, change in color when hovered in sidebar do not work, need to load JavaScript for the suckerfish dropdown menu, and additinal page list is displayed above the search form incase the JavaScript is turned off. I think thats about it.

I will keep on fiddling with the codes and the design in future. If there are any bugs and stuff, I would be greatfull if anyone could drop a comment on it.


Note: I forgot to add, that I have created an “Asides” category. So I can post those quikies, quicklinks, and stuff.