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19日に発売されるとアナウンスされていたので、週末に本屋を数件回ってみたが全滅。しかし!今日ようやく発見しました!WordPressでつくる! 最強のブログサイト


こんばんわ! 😛  写真にちょっと感動してしまいました。
いろいろな愛が詰まった本です。 😉

こんばんは 😛

ちなみに、大阪ミナミで一番大きな本屋(ジュンク堂難波支店)にも関わらず、本棚に合ったのは写真に写っている3冊だけというのがちょっと残念 😐

Books from word press. Do you think it is necessary to write online and then in paper form as well?

Sometimes I like to hold a book in my hand…I can’t always carry a pc everywhere I go, now can I?

>Do you think it is necessary to write online and then in paper form as well?
I assume you mean that what is a point of publish a book, where much of the content is documented online ?

I think it is in Japan. In fact its a big thing in Japan. First of all, the majority of WordPress docements are in English, and many Japanese internet users finds dificulty to undrestand. Secondally, I think there is a some sort of status in Japan, if you make it into a book. If there is a book, people thinks its a proper and respected product … what ever “proper” they think.

Even if its in English, whats useful would be is a reference book, full of template tags, API hooks, development related stuff.