「WordPressでつくる!最強のブログサイト」と言う本がでるんですか 😯






  1. my comment has nothing to do with the entry above, but i just want to thank you for commenting because Unoh’s blog (where i work)’s jSpy.us is just taking off and your comment 励ましたme.

    so thanks and jSpy writes about kinda what you are doing–basically a japanese spying on the happenings about japan and spreading it around the globe and it seems a bit similar to what you are doing so….i 共感した。hopefully, someday jspy.us will become a popular blog like yours!
    any hints on how? haha!!

  2. spy@jspyさん
    > my comment has nothing to do with the entry above
    Thats no prob. As long as its not a span 👿 , I am happy with it 🙂
    > a bit similar to what you are doing
    Its actually the other way round. I was thinking of doing what jSpy is doing, for a long time, but never got myself together doing it. Waviaei is not that popular blog at all. In fact, there are more viewer from japan than outside. But I am getting more from overseas recently, because one of my post was picked up by a very popular blog in US. I think, Technorati might be the source for many oversea bloggers… I am not sure though.
    The content of jSPY is more focused than what I have here, so I think there are more chance that you get continues influx of access, once gets picked up by some bloggers around the world. 😉

  3. おおー 大阪城 ! なんかホッとするテーマだなー。

  4. >おおー 大阪城 !
    大阪城だと一発で分かる人がいるとは!! 8)

    情報が小出しなのは別に良いんです。ただ、公式サイトで始めに発表されたらよかったかな、と。 😉


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