WordPress 2.1

So, while I have been a lazy ass, not keeping this blog up to date – both in terms of posts and plugin versions and stuffs – WordPress has gone up to ver 2.1.  I spent this weekend checking out the server requirement and the plugin compatability. It all seems to be ok, so I upgraded, and indeed looks to be ok.

Though after fiddling and versioning up some of the plugins, some of the archive page has gone strange. I don’t know why yet, but I did some complicated things when I desinged the current theme, especially with the archive related templates. I can’t remenber right now, with what exactly what I did it then.

I am actually wanting to change the theme. A new start, rather. I have now lived in Tokyo alone, and working for nearly three month. Things are getting slowly into shapes – things that I do rountinely on daily basis, and things that do not. I have been thinking for a while of how to keep up with my “web activity”. Thats not only with this blog, but my other on the Vox, my RSS reader (Freshreader), del.icio.us, Hatena account, and so on. I have some new ideas, some ideas to scrap, all in a limited about of time I have.

I suppose the change in real life environment affects that much of your internet life too. Despite the fact that you can connect to your internet life anywhere in the World.

As for WordPress 2.1, its great! I decided to switch on the visual rich editor for a while. I am not sure if “uploading files” are improved that much or not. I think that was one of the most weaker area of WordPress by default, and looks like still is.

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  1. ビジュアルリッチエディタの機能がUpしているようす?