This article is continued from Trying out the new Pentax K10D (Part 1 of 2).

This is second part of Pentax’s K10D event. With some pics.

How to use the new exposure mode

Kazunori Kawada at the Pentax K10D event

The second talk show was by another photographer Mr. Kazunori Kawada. It was titled “How to make a full use of it”. As expected, it was mainly suggenstions and ideas on using K10D’s two new unique exposure modes that has never been seen in any DSLRs of any makes: Sensitivity Value (Sv), and TAv.

Sv mode is where you choose the ISO vale with the dial on the back. The camera’s auto exposure will set the aperture and the time value. He suggested that this mode may be useful in a situation where light changes between light and dark. For example on a ship, where it may be very sunny out on the deck, dark inside. Another useful situation may be during the night shoot. You can easily test to see how low you can go with ISOs.

TAv mode is where you set Av and Tv, just like the manual mode, and the camera set the ISO vale automatically.

He admits that how useful, or what is the useful way to use these two new modes are uncertain. This was technically not possible with the film cameras. Only can with digital. Yet no one has tried to. So there are no one, not even the proffesionals nor the camera developers know.

Other feature he mentioned were mostly on the user interface. When on Tv and Av mode, you can configure one of the dial for +/- AEV. The usefullness of RAW+ button, especially if you mainly shoot with JPEG, and occasionally want to switch to RAW.

Good Battery life – about 500 shots (CIPA).

The goodies

When arrived, we were given a plastic bag – which becomes A4 clear file when the side bits are cut off – with the finished 28 pages long K10D catalogue, DA70mm F2.4 Limited catalogue, and EPSON’s proffesional printer range catalogue.

Pentax Catalogues 1

Pentax Catalogues 2

Pentax Catalogues 3

The photo with a model is a pic I took with the K10D, at the event. It was printed out using EPSON’s new all-in-one printer (not sure which). We were not allowed to take the JPEG file back, in SD.

Pentax Catalogues 4

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