Thumbnail screenshot of TypePadなら、たった5分で“萌えログ”の世界へ

Six Apart’s TypePad do their buissness in Japan too, but recently this promotion site for TyePad, aimed at otaku at Akihabara, went online few days a go. No one really knows whether it is an official marketing promotion by Six Apart Japan, or not. Many bloggers are seems to be surprised about it. Blue haird, blue eyed, manga-looking maid !?

Perhaps its for next year’s April Fool ? Or may be trying out new web marketing strategy ?

Update (2006-06-09):
It is indeed an official marketing promotion by Six Apart Japan. According to an article by ITmedia, they are going to series of promotions to appeal and attract bloggers, who are currently using free blog services by the portals. Targeting Akihabara otaku is their first attempt, and more coming soon.