Its been a bit over a month, since I last wrote here. I have been quite busy with work. To be more correct, I just started working in Tokyo.

Its my first job as what we call in Japan a “proper worker”. My first time living in Tokyo. I have lived in England, away from home, but has always been with someone – the boarding house or sharing a flat with friends. But I am now living on my own. There are lots of customary things that you got to do when you work in Japan, that’s hard to read through to understand what the hell its all about. Oh and the flats in Japan comes with nothing. Not even a curtain. So I gotta go out and buy beds, fridge-freezer, washing machine, etc, etc…

I got to set up the Internet as well. Currently toying the idea between the 50Mbps ADSL and 100Mbps optic fiber, both at about same cost per month.

Hopefully, I get things settled and sorted by beginning of the next year!