Woo Hoo !!

I have a net connection back, at a new home. I this past few weeks, I just realised how much things I rely on internet now. I can’t lookup and print out the maps, shop details, and so on. There are few people and the communities who I have contacts only on the net, and have to dissapear for a while. I don’t take a newspaper, so I feel I am isolated from the world or something, without the news via the internet. I can’t contact to my friends back in UK too.

I have been out of the web design and wordpress community, so its kind of freaky to find out what went out and what came in, in just short period of time. Oh, not to forget my RSS reader, with mountains of RSS feeds to get through!

Anyway, there are few things that I need to do, as now I am back online again. Yes, before blogging. So few more days until I get back.

And I feel there are more things to blog about, as I live away from home once again.