Random Walk 大阪心斎橋店
Random Walk 大阪心斎橋店 posted from フォト蔵

I had a chance to go to newly opened book shop which maily sells English books. Random Walk has stores in Tokyo and Kobe, but this is the first one. It is at america-mura, near Shinsaibashi. Actually, it is just round the corner from the Apple Store Shinsaibashi.

There are two floors. The ground floor is mainly magazines, and art and design books. The upper floor is mainly paperbacks. The store doesn’t feel like its a book shop in Japan. Reminds me of the book shops in London. I thought the good thing is the price. Its slightly cheaper than other books. The dissapointing thing for me was the limited range in the category of the books.

There were lots of arts and design books, followed by the paperbacks (fiction) and English books on Japan. I suppose if you want to appeal to the potential Japanese customers as well, arts and design comes first. I had hoped to see a bit more of popular science books and specialised books, like text books. But there were only very few popular science books, and as for the rest, there were none at all. Shame, because I wanted to check out some web design books 🙁

Anyway, if you are all interested in books is arts and design, then it might be for you. And at least we have a books shop like this in Osaka, is better than nothing.