W3C Tenth Anniversary in Asia

W3C’s 10th anniversary symposium is coming to Japan. Speakers include Tim Berners-Lee.

W3C10 Asia is the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the founding of W3C’s Asian host at Keio University in Japan in September 1996. The event will be held on Tuesday, 28 November 2006, at the Hotel Nikko Tokyo, Japan. W3C10 Asia is open to the public, W3C Members, the W3C Team, the international media, and invited speakers and dignitaries. Registration is required for all attendees. There is a small fee for members of the public. W3C10 Asia includes a symposium and exhibition, a press briefing, and a reception. Simultaneous interpretation between English and Japanese will be provided at all symposium sessions.

Something completely different … I just realise how this venue “Hotel Nikko Tokyo” is very confusing when written in English. I first thought its at Nikko, but this “Nikko” is actually “Nihon-kouku” a.k.a Japan Airlines, and its in Tokyo …

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