So its out. Firefox2. Is it just me, or the rendering of the websites are so much faster. Starting up the application is slightly faster too.

Firefox 2

There are some extensions that are not yet conpatible with Firefox2, but there are quite few which I don’t really use. So this might be a good occasion to clean things up. However, Copy URL+ is an extension I am really missing. I really need that for blogging via Firefox, but it does not work in Firefox2! I just found some solutions here and here [ja]. So I will try that later.

Firefox をダウンロード!!

Oh yeah. I am posting this with Firefox Portable, which is yet to see ver2…

IE7, Firefox, WordPress

IE7 is out (not yet in Japan). Firefox 2 is out in few days (world wide). Lorelle’s article is a must read for the WordPress users.

Basically, both the and the uses lots of JavaScript and Ajax. Especially now, as there are lot of plugins and quite few themes out there utilises these techniques. These can greatly affect the performance of the browsers, and the performance worsens if it has not been well coded. In particular, the memory usage bit.