PhotoZou – a new photo sharing SNS from Japan

I have been using PhotoZou for a while now. PhotoZou is a photo sharing web service by Unoh, a Tokyo-based web venture. Recently, they released the English version (now open beta) of this service.

PhotoZou - top page

At the bottom level, it is a photo sharing web service, like Flickr et al. You can upload the photos and share. You can tag your photos, and you can use it in your blog posts. You can specify the Creative Commons level, and there is a built-in Google Maps mush up, where you can map where you took the photos. However, its direction is slightly different. Where most photo sharing services are directed towards “sharing your photos with everyone on the Internet”, PhotoZou has taken more of SNS approach of “sharing your photos with your selected people on the Internet”.

続きを読むPhotoZou – a new photo sharing SNS from Japan