, Flickr, and Yahoo!

I have set up an account at I have looked through other social bookmarking services (SBS). Hatena::bookmark and are the other two I had on mind, but I decided to start off with Although I like the idea of tagging, I do think the good old way of “categorising” is still a useful way to keep things. So if I feel after a while,`s “maily tagging” style is not for me, I will consider, probably But then of course, there might be a cool and new SBS service out by then.

The other popular Web2.0 service I am going to fiddle is Flickr. I did make an accout long time a go, but I never used it, and I have forgotten the ID and Password for it. Checked around my mail boxes at varous places (yahoo UK, yahoo Japan, goo, etc,etc), but couldn`t find any mails related to it. So, I clicked at “Sign Up Now!” icon, then you jump to “Sign int to Yahoo!” page ! Ah… I read somwhere that Flickr has been bought by Yahoo!, but I wasn`t expecting to set up a new Yahoo account. Nothing wrong with it, nor there is a problem. Just that I had “lets setup flickr account !!” feeling, but saw “Yahoo ID” and the excitent went downwards a half.

Anyway. I tired out with Yahoo! Japan ID first, but it didn`t work. Yahoo!Japan ID never do outside Yahoo!Japan. A bit sad, really. Then I try my Yahoo!UK ID, and see “Wellcome back!” page. Right. I have never logged in to Flickr with Yahoo!UK ID, but its “Wellcome back!”. Later I have found that, you can log into UK account from US Yahoo!, and send you to UK site.

The problem for me with using UK account is that I don`t really use that mail address anymore. Its full of trash. Though I have missed a very very important mail before, simply because I did not bother to check the mail. I do want to transfer the important bits to elsewhere really, and perhaps close the uk account.

I will have a more fiddle around with Yahoo account and Flickr. I wish they enable to use Yahoo!Japan ID in other Yahoo! site.

Post slug !

Yes. There was a much simpler solution to the problem from my last post. Type in the custom post slug for those with the Japanese title. I think I will go with that.

Permalink problem

I have set that the Permalink to be date, then post-title. Howver, I realise that there might be a problem with that, when the title is in Japanese. It seems to link properly, but the link is like “…%e6%97%a5%e6%9c%ac%e8…”. Just like in Wikipedia. Probably its not a problem as such, but the point of using the title as a permalink is so that people can get the idea of the post contents from it. I cheked out some other Japanese blogs that uses WordPress2.0 ME. They all uses post IDs, and not post title.

May be there is a solution by fiddling with .htaccess and/or PHP files, but not an option for me, with my very limited knowledge of them. Writing all post titles in English, even with the Japanese posts, is another idea, but I am sure there will be times when I want to write in Japanese. Using ID is another solution of course.

I will have to search through on this topic I think.


WordPressオフ会 in 大阪(8月)で「今Nucleusを別サイトでいじっているから、それ終わりしだいWPでメインブログを。できれば夏のうちに・・・」とかなんとか言っておきながら半年。年も明けて、ようやくメインのブログをスタートさせます。もちろんWP2で。ちなみに、インストールしたのは本家版でME版ではありません。英語メイン+日本語にしていこうと思っているので。UTF-8なので基本的に問題はないと思いますが、マルチバイト文字な為の不具合が出てくるかもしれません。WP1.5で問題があった箇所はWP2.0で直ってくれているとありがたいのですが、まだ始めたばっかのこのブログじゃ分かりません。とりあえず様子見でしょうか。もしどうしても不都合があれば、後でWP2.0MEにインストールし直したらいいや、と思ってます。面倒だけど。


The first post

So. This is my first post on this blog. Well, second post actually, but anyway. It was actually 5days a go that I set up this blog, but I was down with cold. Its better, but I am still a bit struggling for a full recovery.

I am planning to make waviaei as a bilingual blog, English and Japanese. How I am going to do that, I have yet to decide. Currently, I have Basic Bilingual Plugin and Polyglot. I am not sure whether they are compatible with WP2.0 or not, and I am not an PHP expert. So I think I am going to leave as it is: some in English, some in Japanese. I am feeling that a multi-byte language problem will need to be dealt with somewhere sometime.

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