It has been a while since the last entry. I have been trying to design a new theme for this blog. After been inspired by this excellent Hemingway theme, I decided to keep the fluid, or flexible, layout. I got into reading the problems associated with the flexible layout, then the use of the grid system in design it. However, I got sidetracked on doing some studies into typography, thanks to Mark Boulton’s excellent series of articles.

Its all a bit of excuse really. I get concentrated in redesigning the site, and tend to leave the updaiting of the site. I think I need more experimenting to do, in order to produce reasnably looking site. So for the time being, it will have to do with the design I imported from my portofolio site.

Lastly, Red Bull. I was reading up on Thailand at Wikipedia, and stumbled across an interesting thing that I never knew; The origin of Red Bull, the drink that gives you wings, is Thailand. I have been to Thailand, but I don’ think I saw a can of Red Bull, and I never thought that a drink so popular in Europe has origin in South East Asia !